put [poot]
put, putting [ME putten < or akin to OE potian, to push: mod. senses prob. < Scand, as in Dan putte, Swed dial. putta, to put away, push, akin to OE pyttan, to sting, goad]
a) to drive or send by a blow, shot, or thrust [to put a bullet in a target]
b) to propel with an overhand thrust from the shoulder [to put the shot]
a) to make do something [to put a dog through its tricks]
b) to force [put an army to flight]
3. to cause to be in a certain position or place; place; set [put the box here]
a) to cause to be in a specified condition, situation, relation, etc. [put her at ease]
b) to make undergo; subject [put it to a trial]
5. to impose [put a tax on luxuries]
a) to bring to bear (on); apply ( to) [to put one's mind on one's work]
b) to bring in or add; introduce; inject [to put life into a party]
c) to bring about; effect [to put a stop to cheating]
7. to attribute; assign; ascribe [to put the blame where it belongs]
8. to express; state [put it in plain language]
9. to translate
10. to present for consideration, decision, etc. [to put the question]
a) to estimate as being: with at [to put the cost at $50]
b) to fix or set (a price, value, etc.) on
12. to adapt or fit (words) to music
a) to bet (money) on
b) to invest (money) in or into
to take one's course; move; go (in, out, back, etc.)
1. a cast or thrust; esp., the act of putting the shot
2. an option to sell a given quantity of a stock, commodity, etc. at a specified price and within a specified time: puts are purchased in anticipation of, or to protect against, a decline in the price of the stock, commodity, etc.: cf. CALL (n. 17)
Informal immovable; fixed [stay put]
put about
1. to change the course of (a sailing vessel) to another tack
2. to move in another direction
put across Informal
1. to cause to be understood or accepted
2. to carry out with success
3. to carry out by trickery
put ahead
to reset the hands of (a clock) to a later time
put aside or put by
1. to reserve for later use
2. to give up; discard
put away
2. Informal to consign to a jail, mental hospital, etc.
3. Informal to consume (food or drink)
4. to kill (a pet) to prevent suffering
put back
1. to replace
2. to reset the hands of (a clock) to an earlier time
3. to demote (a pupil)
put down
a) to crush; repress; squelch
b) to deprive of authority, power, or position; degrade
2. to write down; record
3. to attribute (to)
4. to consider as; classify
5. to land or make a landing in an aircraft
6. PUT AWAY (sense 4) (see phrase above)
7. Slang to belittle, reject, criticize, or humiliate
put forth
1. to grow (leaves, shoots, etc.)
2. to bring into action; exert
3. to propose; offer
4. to bring out; publish; circulate
5. to leave a port
put forward
to advance or present (a plan, etc.)
put in
1. to enter a port or harbor
2. to enter (a claim, request, etc.)
3. to interpose; insert
4. Informal to spend (time) in a specified manner
put in for
to request or apply for
put it on
Slang to make a pretentious show; pretend or exaggerate
☆ put it over on
Informal to deceive; trick
☆ put it there!
Slang shake hands with me: an expression of agreement, reconciliation, etc.
put off
1. to leave until later; postpone; delay
2. to discard
3. to evade; divert
4. to perturb; upset; distress
put on
1. to clothe, adorn, or cover oneself with
2. to take on; add [to put on a few pounds]
3. to assume or pretend
4. to apply (a brake, etc.)
5. to stage (a play)
6. Slang to fool (someone) by playing on the person's credulity; hoax
☆ put on to
to inform (someone) about (something)
put out
1. to expel; dismiss
2. to extinguish (a fire or light)
3. to spend (money)
4. to disconcert; confuse
5. to distress; ruffle; vex
6. to inconvenience
a) to publish
b) to produce and distribute
c) to supply, offer, or display
8. Slang to engage in sexual intercourse, often promiscuously: usually said of a woman
9. Baseball to cause (a batter or runner) to be out by a fielding play
put over
1. to postpone; delay
2. Informal PUT ACROSS
put paid to
Brit. to put an end to; terminate
☆ put something over on
Informal to deceive; trick
put through
1. to perform successfully; carry out
2. to cause to do or undergo
3. to connect (someone) by telephone with someone else
put to it
to place in a difficult situation; press hard
put up
1. to offer, as for consideration, decision, auction, etc.
2. to offer as a candidate
3. to preserve or can (fruits, vegetables, etc.)
4. to erect; build
5. to lodge, or provide lodgings for
a) to advance or provide (money)
b) Slang to do or produce what is needed or wanted
7. to arrange (the hair) with curlers, bobby pins, etc.
8. to carry on [to put up a struggle]
9. Informal to incite (a person) to some action
10. to sheathe (one's sword)
put upon
to impose on; victimize
put up with
to bear or suffer patiently; tolerate

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